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Selling a Property in Spain

Have you considered selling your property in Spain?

It is important to note that the sales process for properties in Spain is unique compared to other countries. We at Reveny are at your disposal to guide you through the entire sales process.

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Sales Responsibility: As a seller, it is your obligation to arrange an energy certificate for the property before the sale. This should then be handed over to the buyer at the time of the sale. Reveny can recommend reliable partners who carry out energy certifications. In addition, as a seller, you are expected to provide documentation regarding the property, such as ownership certificates, occupancy certificates, information on property tax, association fees, and more.

Property Valuation: Before your property is put on the market for sale, it undergoes a valuation of its market value. Our brokers analyze the market situation in the area, present reference sales, and current properties for sale. Through a thorough valuation, we can jointly establish the most advantageous price to optimize your sale. Our brokers also provide advice on possible measures that can be taken in the property to increase the chances of achieving the best final price.

Contact us at Reveny for a meeting and get an assessment of the value of your property. We have access to a wide portfolio and have established reference prices in most areas where we operate.

Agreement: Before the sales process begins, a mandate agreement is drawn up between you and the broker. This agreement regulates the sales assignment.

Property Presentation: Through attractive property presentations, we create the most favorable conditions to attract the right prospects to your property. We know what is significant to generate interest among potential buyers. Enticing images and videos are crucial to stand out in the competitive real estate market and be visible on relevant international platforms. Our brokers also provide advice on any measures that can be taken in the property to optimize the visual language in marketing. Book a meeting with a broker for further information on how you can optimize the conditions for the best final price in a sale.

Finance: What is the actual operating cost of the property you are considering selling? What repair needs may arise in the future and at what costs? Your potential buyers will take this into account when forming their opinion on the price. We assist you with these calculations.

Contract: Once you and the buyer have agreed, a purchase contract is signed, known as "arras" or "Option de Compras." The contract specifies the price and the date of possession. At the signing, the buyer pays a down payment as a partial payment of the final price, which is then paid on the possession date. This contract is later replaced by a new contract with the notary.

Payment: The notary receives the payment and is responsible for paying accrued taxes and fees and distributing the final price to you. You hand over the keys to the buyer who, after the meeting, can take possession of the property.

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Fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you. You can also contact us directly at +34 (0) 865 619 930 and [email protected].

What sets us apart from other real estate agencies in Spain?

In addition to our experience in Spain, we have extensive experience in the Swedish market.

After working, managing, and owning several franchise companies in Stockholm and Gothenburg (e.g., Erik Olsson, Skandia Mäklarna, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, Länsförsäkringar, Fastighetsbyrån, and Bjurfors), we chose to start our own brand in 2015 (www.reveny.se).

During the years we've run Reveny, we've also spent a lot of time in Spain (buying, selling, etc.). With that background, we've seen both the advantages and disadvantages of how real estate agents operate in Spain compared to Sweden. Therefore, we decided to take the best practices from both countries and launch Reveny in Spain.

A brief overview of what sets us apart from other real estate agencies in Spain:

Exclusive Rights

To ensure our sellers can sell their properties at the best price, we have chosen to operate like the Swedish system. This means we have exclusive rights to the sale and can therefore bring in photographers, stylists, include floor plans, provide addresses, etc., to give buyers a clear presentation.

Commission for the Person Who Finds the Buyer

To reach as many potential buyers as possible, we collaborate with all willing agents and offer them 60% of our commission instead of the usual 50%. This motivates them to work harder to find the buyer.

Additionally, we collaborate with agents in Sweden and offer them a commission if they find the buyer.

Customer Register

We have a large and well-maintained customer register. Our clients are prepared for purchase.

We ensure our clients are well-prepared with NIE numbers, financing, etc., so that the sale proceeds smoothly.

Professional Partners

We only work with professional partners (banks, notaries, contractors, stylists, photographers, etc.).

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